Vedas are the word of God, revealed in the beginning of creation of the universe for the moral, spiritual-physical guidance & uplift of humanity. This process is going on since eternity & will go on forever. The Vedas can be seen as the instruction manual for life. Just as we go through the instruction book while using a new product, it is equally important that we understand the do's & don'ts for life. Today we are using the priceless gift of life given by God, but have failed to go through its "instruction manual" - The Vedas. They are quite full with eternal truths & guiding on the various aspects of life to make a man perfect & ideal. From his ( God's ) infinite knowledge, adequately taught for the requirements of the soul, spiritual satisfaction, make life successful& attain Salvation. Since God is infinite & soul is finite, soul cannot have the infinite knowledge of him.

The Vedas have been regarded as the gospel & self-evident truth & complete harmony with the laws of nature for all times, ages & for all segments of humanity. The Vedas have no history in them nor any names of persons & places, nor stories of any particular event or individual; they contain only those words & truths by which knowledge is made known. The source of true happiness & prosperity of the human society lies in virtuous conduct (righteousness). Today mankind id suffering from poverty, disease, misery, pain & anxiety. Only by following the eternal laws & universal truths & principles revealed in the Vedas, through the God's grace, can we hope to overcome the curse of these miseries & calamities.

The Vedas revealed by the God were Rig, Yajur, Sama & Atharva to the Rishies Agni, Vaayu Aadtiya & Angiraa respectively, these four rishies were most competent to receive God's revealation.The names of the Rishis mentioned in the mantras are annotators, those persons capable of foreseeing things & scholars, who clearly explained the meanings of the verses, these rishises are not the authors of the verses. The names of the Devatas mentioned in the mantras is the subject matter of the verse - the topic taught in it.

For correct interpretation of the Vedas, the words should be taken in their derivative, analytical sense i.e., root meaning should be given to the vedic words & not the traditional, customary, conventional & generally accepted ones.

The teachings of the vedas are universal, all the learned persons to preach the vedic truth to all - the Brahmanas, the Kshatriyas, the Vaishyas, the Shudras & the Chandals - the degraded & the wretched. Dwijas, the twice born alone are not entitled to study the Vedas, even Shudras & Women are equally entitled to study the Vedas, persons like KavishAylush-Shudra by birth, Women like LopaMudra were the seers of the meanings of the vedic texts & their names are from times immemorial mentioned in the vedic verses. God is not expected to be partial to one portion of mankind & opposed to the other by depriving them of their birth rights to study the Vedas. As per the God all soul are equally entitled to God's gift &generosities like Air, Water, Sun & his knowledge also. As per Vedas all are religiously
equal, all should cooperate& help to the prosperity & improvement of mankind.

The knowledge which are available in the Vedas are as follows : Theosophy (Brahmavidya), Dharma, Cosmogony (theory explaining whence the universe originated), The revolution & rotation of the earth & other planets, Gravitation-Attraction, The illumines& the illumined,The Science of the Mathematics, Praise-Prayer-Worship of God, Salvation, the Art of building Ships & Aircraft, Science of Telegraphy, Medical Science, Rebirth, Marriage, Politics (Duties of the ruler & the ruled), Varnas & Ashrams like Brahmanas, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas, Shudras & Brahmacharya, Grihasth, Vanaprasth, Sanyas, the duties of the Students, Householder, Dweller & Sanyasies, the five great duties, Truths of Science
which the present science has not yet been able to discover, vitality, electricity, Energy,Astronomy, Geography, Geology, Hydrostatics & etc.,

There are 20358 verses in all the Four Vedas ; Rig - 10552, Yajur - 1975, Sama - 1875 & Atharva - 5977. In ancient times learned persons memorized one or more Vedas, nowadays
be scholars do so.

Vedas Says : God is only one, formless, unborn, imperishable, creator of the universe, sat (Existence), chit (Infinite Intelligence), anand (Bliss), omniscient (All knowing), omnipresent (Present everywhere), omnipotent (All powerful), Almighty (Controller of the laws of Karmas & Dispenser of complete justice). The most sacred & sublime name of the God is
AUM. The letters AUM denote his principal manifestations, i.e., Creation, Preservation & Dissolution. There is no pardon & forgiveness for any sins or evil deeds.

The Soul (Jeeva) is only sat & chit (Existence & Very few Intelligence). It is being eternal, never takes birth nor does it ever die. The entrance of soul into the physical body is called Birth & departing from it is Death. It does not die with physical body - it remains
Immortal. It receives a form of life/physical body in accordance with its past good & bad deeds. It is free in its actions but dependent on Almighty God in reaping the results of its

God the Almighty created this universe, not just for material enjoyment, but as a means of attainment of Moksha (Salvation). The emancipation of the soul from the pain, misery &
cycle of birth & death & the subsequent freedom in the All pervading Divinity is called Moksha (State of perfect bliss).

Those persons who possess good qualities of humanity, impart true knowledge, are charitable by nature, enlightened & are of beneficence to others are called Dev purushaa (Divine
beings), The one who is able to impart true knowledge, & is worthy of conduct is ACHARYA (Teacher). The one who is noble, righteous, benevolent & conducts himself in accordance with the principles of Vedas is called ARYA. The human beings, basically noble, are the descendants of the Aryan Race.

The presence of myriad's of tiny particles of Atoms in the atmosphere constitute the Nature. This material universe is Nature's creation.

The characteristics of God, Soul & Matter are eternal, creation has no beginning & no end i.e. Creation follows Dissolution.

Western scholars like Griffith, Max Muller, Monier Willams, Mac Donnel, Bloomfield & Eastern scholars like Sayana, Mahidhar,Ubbat & Damodar Satavalekar had interpreted the Vedas wrongly & hopelessly failed to understand the eternal truth , teachings & belittles the Etymological & Scientific method employed by the Rishies.