History & present

Established on 10 April 1986 by Swami Satyapati ji Parivrājak, the Darshan Yog Mahāvidyālaya has constantly strived to fulfil its goals, indeed a colossal work to serve the society.

Training of scholars

Until now, some 62 Brahmachāris (Vaidik scholars living up to the ideals of celibacy and virtue) from 13 states across India have completed their training in philosophy & spirituality at the Darshan Yog Mahāvidyālaya. They are fully committed to spreading the Vaidik knowledge as well as the uplift of the physical, moral / spiritual and social standards of all. Some, including Swami Satyapatiji Parivrājak, have even ventured overseas with brilliant feedback.

Sanskrit language (including grammar rules), Darshana philosophy, the Upanishads & other arsha granthas (Vaidik texts of rishis)  and parts of the Veda are taught during formal classes. 

Kriyātmak Yoga Prashikshan Shivirs  / Saral Adyatmik Yog Shivir

The Vidyālaya has conducted over 300 Kriyātmak Yoga Prashikshan Shivirs (practical Vaidik yog training camps) in 17 states across the country under the guidance of Swāmi Satyapati ji Parivrājak. Shivirs are now held under the titles of ‘Saral Adyatmik Yog Shivir’ on an outstation basis where Swāmi Vivekānand Ji Parivrājak is the lead trainer.

Thousands of sādhaks (spiritual seekers) have taken part in training camps. They were / are trained in the methodology of Vadik meditation for self and God-realisation through shudh gyāna (acquisition of true knowledge), shudh karma (act as per Dharma/ethics) and shudh upāsnā (true meditation / contemplation of God).

Yajna shivirs

Yajna shivirs are regularly conducted to train interested persons among the masses on the correct procedure for performing agnihotra (havan) as well as the correct pronunciation / recitation of mantras (Vaidik hymns). These Yajna shivirs serve as forums to sensitise and increase awareness among the participants on need to perform Yajna (havan) which is a unique scientific process for the purification of the environment, mind, body and spirit.


The Vidyālayahas published some 50 types of literary works (books, booklets, pamphlets, brochures, photos. calendars, etc.) totalling to over 5,50,000 copies of literature and costing over 50,00,000 rupees have been distributed amongst some 50,000 families throughout India and abroad, most of them were gifted.

Lectures and seminars on spirituality

Lectures and seminars on spirituality and self-development towards achieving peace and prosperity at the level the individual, family and society are regularly held throughout the country, covering hundreds of cities across over 20 states of India and some even abroad. Participants include intellectuals and high officials of the rank of I.A.S. & I.P.S. officers, professionals such as chartered accountants, doctors, engineers, businessmen, etc. Amongst the diverse venues were conference centres, educational institutions, schools, colleges, universities, hostels, courts, scientific organizations, institutions and companies, ashrams, Arya Samajs, socio-cultural-religious institutions,. The main aim of these forums are to enhance the awareness level on the universal Vaidik ethics / values, virtue, education, culture (civilisation, conduct and thoughts), etc.