Date of birth               : 11 September 1971
Family backgroun       : Spiritual inclination; mother took Sanyasa to spend the rest of her life in Sadhana
Griha tyaga                 : At the age of 21-22
Initiated as Sanyasi by the founder of the Darshan Yog MahaVidyalaya, Shri Swami Satyapati Ji Parivrajak
  • B.Com (YR II Delhi University)
  • B.A (YR II Maharishi Dayanand University, Rohtak)
  • Vyakaran Acharya (Gurukul Kalva)
  • Darshan Acharya (Yog, Sankhya, Vaisheshik, Nyaya, Vedanta)
  • 11 Upanishads (Eesha, Kena, Katha, etc.)
  • Part of Rig Veda & Yajur Veda.
Ongoing activities:
  • Upadhyaya (Preceptor at the Darshan Yog Mahavidyalaya, Aryavan, Rojad, Sabarkantha, Gujarat.
  • Lecturer of Vaidik Darshanas, Upanishads, Vedas and Arsha granthas (ancillary Vaidik literature)
  • Trainer in Vaidik meditation (Ashtanga Yog or eight-fold Yog as prescribed by Maharshi Patanjali ji)