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Darshan Yog Mahavidyalaya

Key information
Founder               :  Swāmi Satyapati ji Parivrājak
Date founded       :  Chaitra Shukla Pratipadā, Vikram Samvat 2043 (10 April 1986)
Location               :  Rojad (circle between Dahegam & Modāsa) 70 Kms north of Ahmedābad, Gujarat
Director &
Managing Trustee :  Swāmi Vivekānand ji Parivrājak (formerly Achārya Vivek Bhushan Ji)
Achārya                :  Swāmi Brahmavidānand ji Saraswati (formerly Achārya Sumeru Prasād Ji)
Upāchārya            :  Swāmi Dhruvdev ji Parivrājak
Vyavasthāpak       :  Brahmachāri Dinesh Kumār Ji
Relevant details:
One and Only institution empowering scholars with the knowledge of Darshan philosophy and Veda to fulfil the spiritual needs of the present knowledge-based society
Special focus on Yogābhyās, the pfescractice of authentic Vaidik Yog as per the teachings of Maharishi Patanjali
Brief on Activities:
Training of scholars; People empowerment at grass root level through Saral Adyatmik Yog Shivirs / Kriyātmak Yoga Prashikshan Shivirs & Yajna shivirs; escort Publications; Lectures and seminars on spirituality and self-development, etc.
Darshan Yog DharmārthTrust & Darshan Yog Mahāvidyālaya
The Darshan Yog Mahāvidyālaya operated as an unregistered body since 10th April 1986.
It was subsequently incorporated as a Trust named Darshan Yog Dharmārth Trust istanbul antalya on 25 November 2011
[Trust Reg. no. E/3617 / Sābarkānthā]
It is an approved institution to receive donations under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act
[Reg. No. DIT (E)/AHD/80G (5)/DYDT/124/2013-14]
It holds ad hoc permission to receive funds from foreign well-wishers.
The Darshan Yog MahaVidyālaya (founded by Swāmi Satyapati ji Parivrājak) is now run by the Darshan Yog Dharmārth Trust.